Product Spotlight: Caesarstone

Product Spotlight: CaesarStone

At Abbey, we carry many beautiful product lines that have been hand-selected for their high quality design and functionality. When it comes to countertop selection, Caesarstone is easily one of our go-to choices for many reasons. First of all, we love quartz! It has the luxurious finish of marble with the durability of concrete or granite, but resists stains even better. It’s non-porous and non-toxic so it will not harbor bacteria and/or viruses. Because it is a manufactured material, there is a wider range of colors and style available to perfectly match your taste and sensibilities. We love that Caesarstone was the pioneer of quartz countertops and celebrates the natural, raw material, and remains on the cutting edge of technology at the same time. We asked Caesarstone manager, Brandon Barnes, a couple questions to get more insight into this revolutionary product line! 

Give us a little background on Caesarstone. When was Caesarstone founded and why was it important to bring this line to market?

Caesarstone was founded in 1987 and Caesarstone was the first company to develop and market a quartz surface. Caesarstone pioneered quartz countertops. We bring the magic of the earth’s raw minerals into your home, with surfaces that become the bedrock and basis for life.

Walk us through the process of how Caesarstone countertops get made.

Each Caesarstone slab is made with quartz crystals (up to 93%) . The quartz is then mixed with polymers, resins, & pigments. It’s then compressed, pressurized & cured in a kiln, then finally polished to give you a beautiful product.

What is unique about Caesarstone? What are some factors that make Caesarstone the right choice for a particular client?

We leverage the outstanding qualities of quartz, making it the ideal stone for residential and commercial spaces, as the surface of choice for architects and designers worldwide. We value creativity in all forms of design through our partnerships with artists, designers and professionals in the A&D community. Caesarstone quartz surfaces give you the peace of mind, in usability and safety. Quartz countertops are produced in a strictly controlled environment to meet the most stringent safety standards in both manufacturing and finished product. Our countertops have everything a good surface needs; they are nonporous, non-toxic, require no sealants or wax to retain the Caesarstone Hygiene Standard, do not host bacteria, mold, or mildew – remaining safe and hygienic for ultimate cleanliness.

CaesarStone Patio Outdoors

What are some current trends you are seeing now? What are your most popular colors/designs?

Some current trends include incorporating Biophilic Design, especially within the kitchen. Caesarstone material is inspired by nature and works into Biophilic design, especially the Solaris – Outdoor Collection.

What is your personal favorite countertop choice and why?

My favorite changes from week to week but I’m absolutely in love with white/gray Calacatta looks (White Attica, London Grey, Calacatta Nuvo, and our NEW Calacatta Maximus). I love these not only because of the design but because of the versatility. They look good on large island, waterfall applications and full height backsplashes.

Why did Caesarstone choose to work with and develop a relationship with Abbey?

We chose a relationship with Abbey because their core values align with Caesarstone and they have been in the business locally for over 30 years. That is a testament to the quality of work that Abbey does. Like Abbey, we provide the highest quality service and we are not satisfied until the customers are satisfied.

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