Q&A With Abbey's General Manager

Jimmy - Abbey's General Manager
If you’re looking to remodel your home, you will likely do a couple months of research beforehand and speak to multiple contractors to determine which firm is the best choice for you and your project. We get a lot of questions about our design aesthetic, process and how one can make the most out of their home remodel, so we spoke with our Senior Sales Specialist, Lead Designer and General Manager, Jimmy Nazemian, to answer some of Abbey’s most frequently asked questions. Jimmy has more than 29 years of design and remodeling experience, and has national recognition in the remodeling field. His expertise and experience make him one of the most sought-after remodeling professionals in Northern Virginia! 

1. How would you define the “Abbey aesthetic”? 

I would simply define the “Abbey aesthetic” as being very pleasing to the eye. 

2. To you, what constitutes “good design”? What are some of your favorite elements of design? 

Here at Abbey, we believe good design is innovative, long lasting, and honest. It is design that makes the product useful and understandable. Good design is thorough down to the last detail. My personal favorite elements of design consider space, lines, light, color, and texture to completely transform a space.

3. What are some of the latest design trends that you are seeing? Do you have any favorite trends? 

We have seen several new design trends emerge recently. Some of the latest trends we have noticed regarding color include pairing cool colors with warm finishes, choosing vibrant kitchen tiles, integrating unexpected color pops, and incorporating various styles of high performance countertops. In addition to these, slab backsplashes, glass stacked cabinets, floating shelves, and double islands are trending to spice up the kitchen area. I personally love the sleek and modern looking designs. 

4. What are some misconceptions about the remodeling process?  

One of the most significant misconceptions about the remodeling process is that it is more costly to hire a professional than to do renovation yourself. Hiring professionals like the Abbey team can save clients the stress, time, and money that it takes to remodel your space! 

5. What is your favorite part about working in the remodeling industry?

Since I am a people person, I love this industry because it allows me to be around new people every day and work while being surrounded by new things and ideas.