'Tis The Season: Summer Edition

'Tis The Season: Summer Edition
Summer is in full swing here in Northern Virginia, and most of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before. But who says you can’t enjoy summer from the inside? At Abbey, we design spaces that are functional year-round, serving as the perfect canvas for your seasonal textiles and accessories to shine. Now we are sharing our easy tips and tricks to make your home totally summer-worthy!


Yes, it’s technically called “spring cleaning,” but if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, now is the time! Clear surfaces of unnecessary knick-knacks, organize your shelves, and store away heavy blankets and unused jackets and scarves to lift some weight off and to give your space an airy, fresh feel.


Now that you have a clean slate, add in a few pops of color with textiles and accessories like throw pillows, vases, and display platters. For the color averse, try incorporating some natural elements like wood, jute, and bamboo. Replace heavy-duty curtains with sheer, gauzy drapes or bamboo shades for an instant summer vibe. Think light silks, cottons and linens in place of heavier fabrics like velvet and suede.


Open your windows and let the outside in! Nothing says summer like bright, natural lighting – not to mention, it saves electricity so it’s also economical and eco-friendly. Incorporate vases full of fresh flowers and add a touch of greenery with house plants and you won’t even miss the outdoors


Aromatherapy is a great way to set the mood for summer! Fresh florals and ripe fruit fragrances like rose, jasmine, citrus and fig are great this time of year. For the classic clean vibe, go for candles/diffusers in a cotton or linen scent.

We’d love to see how you are celebrating the summer season in your home. Use the tag #AbbeyInspo to share your photos with us on Instagram!