Product Spotlight: Soho Tiles

Soho Tile Design
At Abbey, we are very particular about selecting only the best products for our clients. From countertops, to cabinetry, to flooring and more, Abbey partners with high quality product lines to ensure nothing but exceptional outcomes for every home remodel. Tiling is a feature that often flies under the radar, but is an important detail that can add a personal touch and an elevated look to any home. Abbey is partnered with Soho Tiles to give clients that high quality while still offering a cost effective tiling solution. We asked our representative, Bruce De Pasquale, from Soho Tiles to give us more information about their large collection of unique products!

What product does Soho Tiles provide?  

Soho Tiles provides a wide variety of products such as ceramic, porcelain and stone mosaics, decorative mosaic accents, stone, and more. We seek our products from only the most respected factories and quarries.  All of these products have several specific types to choose from based on their appearance, texture and durability to be the best fit for your remodel. Most of these tiling products are made for specific purposes. For example, tiles that are typically the most compatible with bathrooms are porcelain, ceramic, marble and mosaic.
Soho Tile Designs - Abbey Design and Remodel
Soho Tile Designs - Abbey Design and Remodel

Give us a little background on Soho Tiles. When was Soho founded and why was it important to bring this line to market?

Soho was founded in 2006 to fill a unique niche in the market – upscale mosaics and waterjets. Mosaic tiles can be made of ceramic, porcelain, glass or stone, and are a combination of colors, sizes, and shapes for a beautiful patterned end result. Waterjet tile uses a waterjet to cut through materials like glass, ceramic and stone to create unique patterns and texture. Since that time we have expanded to become a supplier of stone, porcelain and ceramic wall and floor tiles as well as decorative glass tiles and mosaics. 

What is unique about Soho Tiles? What are some factors that make Soho Tiles the right choice for a particular client? 

Our products have a quality control process through their manufacturing and our 365-day return policy is one of the best in the business. The quality control (QC) process varies from location to location. We have people on the ground that preview every product before shipment on the initial order to ensure that every order is done correctly and the product is ready to be utilized. Consequently, Soho Tiles are the right choice for countless clients based on our thorough processes that prove the high quality of our products.

What are some current trends you are seeing now? What are your most popular colors/designs? 

In the decorative tile arena, trends change quickly. Color and style changes are rapid.  Right now we are seeing a trend towards larger tiles. Digital technology in the manufacturing process has allowed tiles to take the “look” of virtually any type or product – wood, stone, fabric…you name it.

What is your personal favorite tile choice and why? 

We love all of our products here at Soho Tiles, but porcelain stands out because of its unique and luxurious look. Porcelain tiles can be used in virtually any space and can be either neutral and classic in appearance or vibrant with eye-catching designs. Regardless of your color choice, they are sure to make a beautiful impact on your home design. 
Soho Tile Designs - Abbey Design and Remodel
Soho Tile Designs - Abbey Design and Remodel

Why did Soho Tiles choose to work and develop a relationship with Abbey?

We recognize Abbey and Abbey clients as a very progressive group with high style — a perfect fit for Soho Tile products!

If you would like to learn more about Soho Tiles and the products they provide you can explore their collection at!